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Playlist Teaching Series on CD

Playlist Teaching Series on CD

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    Playlist Teaching Series on CD
    If you compiled a music playlist to describe your life, what songs would you choose?

    Music reflects life's journey: the moments we question God, struggle with pain, celebrate the deepest joys, and search for fulfillment and happiness. Using lyrics to explore the human experience has always been significant and powerful--even thousands of years ago in a playlist we now know as the book of Psalms.

    In this series, Pastor Skip Heitzig scrolls through the Psalms, tapping into a number of songs that wrestle with and relish in the very nature of God and His relationship with humankind.

    Available on audio CD only.

    Contains 8 messages: 20140706 20140713 20140727 20140803 20140817 20140831 20140914 20140921
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