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Pathway to God's Plan (Ruth & Esther) - Women's Bible Journal

Pathway to God's Plan (Ruth & Esther) - Women's Bible Journal

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    Pathway to God's Plan (Ruth & Esther) - Women's Bible Journal

    Pathway to God's Plan is a spiritual journey through the lives of Ruth and Esther. The crimson thread of redemption is woven throughout the tapestry of Ruth's story, revealing the heart of God. Through Esther's example, you'll find encouragement to be bold in our faith and to take advantage of the divine opportunities that God places in your path. In your study of the lives of these women, you will follow a pathway that leads you to a deeper understanding of God's Word.

    Lenya Heitzig and Penny Pierce Rose invite you to take a look inside, and you'll find a Bible study that looks different from any you've ever seen. Much more than a traditional fill-in-the-blank study, this Women's Bible Journal invites you to explore and respond. And every resource you need is right here!

    Explore God's promises to you through stories, exploration questions, commentary notes and definitions, and other fascinating sidebar features-all linked to the passage you're studying. Then record your own thoughts and growth in the journal space provided.

    God has plans for Ruth and Esther. You, too, will learn to see God's plan for you by taking a daily verse-by-verse look at the spiritual journeys of these godly women.

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