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God Print: Making Your Mark for Christ

God Print: Making Your Mark for Christ

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    God Print: Making Your Mark for Christ
    A Christian leaves a Godprint whenever he or she, by the power of the Holy Spirit, positively influences the world for the cause of Christ. Every Christian has the opportunity to leave a lasting, God-centered, positive impression upon the earth. The Bible is chock-full of people who did just this: Moses, David, Mary, Paul, and, of course, the Lord Jesus Himself. But when we want to zero in on a character who doesn't seem so different from us, and yet who left behind an enormous Godprint, a lasting legacy that continues to bless the world today - we have to mention Abraham. Join Pastor Skip Heitzig as he takes us on a journey through the life of Abraham, asking the question, "How are we to make our mark for Christ in the world in which we live?"
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