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Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas 2018 Make gift-giving more meaningful this Christmas by choosing gifts from the Connect with Skip Heitzig Christmas Gift Ideas brochure. For your friends or family members who are seeking a better understanding of the full scope of Scripture, The Bible from 30,000 Feet book and workbook package is the perfect gift. For those who prefer to dig deeply into Scripture one book at a time, consider a title in Skip Heitzig's You Can Understand series. Or, inspire others to follow their calling with Lenya Heitzig's book Reload Love: Transforming Bullets to Beauty and Battlegrounds to Playgrounds. You can also encourage the women in your life with her beloved Bible study Live Brilliantly: A Study in the Book of 1 John.
Find these meaningful gifts and more in the Connect with Skip Heitzig Christmas Gift Ideas brochure. Shop these gifts online, download the brochure, or request a copy here or by calling 800.922.1888. Shipping within the continental U.S. is free. To ensure Christmas delivery, order by Tuesday, December 11. Priority shipping is available at an additional cost. Merry Christmas from Connect with Skip Heitzig.
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